“If you could have any superpower, what would it be?”

If you had a choice, what superpower would you have? It’s a classic question that I’m sure you’ve been asked (probably at a party). “Invisibility!” might come the reply. “I’ve always wanted to fly!” comes another. “To read minds! I’d love to know what other people are really thinking!!!” says a third. All in the […]

‘Kanye West in the street’

A middle-aged woman is walking along the pavement on the streets of London, minding her own business. Kanye West, the American rapper, is strutting along on the same stretch, walking towards her, with his entourage and security in tow. He is dressed in loud, expensive, oversized clothes, with the sunglasses on and the big watch […]

Hogwarts to become an academy after failing OFSTED inspection for third year in a row

Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the famed boarding school for magical children, will begin a major restructuring after its third ‘inadequate’ result in as many years. The embattled school, once venerated as one of the pre-eminent magical institutions in Europe, made the announcement today via their public twitter page. In a report released last […]

David Guetta ends war in Ukraine by dropping banging bassline

****note – this is a work of satire**** The Russian invasion of Ukraine, well into its third week of conflict in the region, has officially ended, after superstar DJ David Guetta dropped a banging beat in solidarity with the cause. Guetta, 54, was performing a show to a packed crowd in Northern Spain last night […]


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